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2005-2017. Mwanzi Co., LLC.
Founded in 2005


No Boundaries. Maker.




play-by-play photo galleries on the Mwanzi Co. Facebook page of a few of my recent commercial and residential projects.

10 years in the making, St. Louis-based craftsman Jermain Todd of Mwanzi Co. is changing the way we think about furniture, cut by cut. Click the ad below to see how we worked closely with him to bring our New Balance Made in USA Explore by Sea Collection to life.




The Maker. His work is an honor to his craft, driven by a passion to leave his mark on
every creation born from his hands, infused with respect for tradition, shared by a brotherhood of artisans who aspire for perfection. Born of a 70-year lineage of St. Louis garment makers, we at
DAKOTA GRIZZLY  invite you to join us in discovering our distinctly crafted and richly detailed men's apparel.




the majority of my time is spent making one-of-a-kind, fully custom make-to-order furniture pieces for residential and commercial clients. however, the following Standard Pieces are furniture designs that grew in popularity and have each been commissioned many dozens of times. they are hand made upon purchase and customizable.



Bey Chair







to view more project photos please visit the Mwanzi Co.
Facebook page.