a quickie about a maker of eco-conscious furnishings, fixtures and finishes.

Mwanzi Co. is a boutique fabrication studio based in Saint Louis, MO  founded in 2005 by owner and craftsman Jermain Todd.

the point of it all is to be a successful small business that provides eco-friendly, quality and unique interior furnishings and finishes to residential and commercial clients.

through eco-conscious product offerings Mwanzi Co. hopes to improve air quality, reduce waste, help sustain the earth’s natural resources, and promote the importance of supporting locally owned business.

operations include manufacturing a line of euro-style cabinetry called 
Greenhaus Cabinets®, a rustic contemporary furniture line called FeRRUM™, and making Custom Furniture for both residential and commercial clients using an arsenal of locally harvested, rapidly renewable, reclaimed and repurposed woods and American made, recycled steel.

for more information or to book your studio appointment, please call (314) 200-4123 or email at info@mwanzi.com.